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NSHD DNA Repository

Around 2,900 study members have given consent for DNA to be extracted from blood and/or buccal samples and LHA was given ethical approval in 2007 to use these samples for genetic studies of lifelong health and ageing. Genetic studies help us to elucidate biological mechanisms of ageing and understand why people with similar life experiences age differently.

The NSHD DNA Repository supports high calibre studies of human health and disease that make the best use of the genetic resource in conjunction with the existing life course data. Dr Andrew Wong coordinates the genetic research of the NSHD and is responsible for the safe storage and efficient use of the samples, which are managed by Source BioScience.

Researchers wishing to use the NSHD DNA samples should apply to Dr Andrew Wong briefly outlining their project and requesting a data application form.

Ongoing genetics projects using the DNA Repository include collaborations with:

  • UCL on genetic studies of heart disease and immunity
  • Edinburgh University on the genetic basis of cognitive changes from childhood to middle age
  • MRC Epidemiology Unit on obesity-related genetic variants
  • Cambridge University on the genetics of mental health and illness
  • Institute of Ageing, Newcastle University, on telomere length and ageing
  • HALCyon cohorts on the genetics of ageing
  • University of Exeter on the genetics of menopause and ageing