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LHA Conference Presentations 2007

Abstracts (poster presentations)

McCarron A, Prynne CJ, Stephen AM, Wadsworth MEJ.
Trends in phytate and fibre (NSP) consumption over 17 adult years of a British Birth Cohort.
Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 2007;66:70A (abstract).

Mishra G, Silva ID, McCormack V, Stephen A, Kuh D.  Diet across the life course and mammographic density: results from a British prospective cohort.  Early Human Development 2007:83 (Suppl 1): S70. Abstract.

Mishra G, McNaughton SA, Brown W, Ball K, Giles GG, Dobson A.  Dietary patterns among Australian women at different stages of the life course.  Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2007; 16 (Suppl 3): S56. Abstract.

Mishra G, Cooper R, Richards M, Hardy R, Kuh D ‘Developmental and lifetime social influences on physical capability and body composition in later life’ Early Human Development 2007;83(Suppl 1): S37. 

Abstracts (oral presentations)

Cooper R, Mishra G, Hardy R and Kuh D.  Is there an association between hysterectomy and subsequent psychological health? Findings from a British birth cohort. The joint meeting of the Society for Social Medicine and the International Epidemiological Association (European Federation), September, Cork. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2007;61(Suppl 1):A17.

Gaysina D. Bipolar Association Case-Control study: Focus On ‘‘Schizophrenia’’ candidate genes.  The XVth World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, New York, USA, 2007.

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