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LHA Invited Presentations 2009

Hardy R. Inter-cohort comparisons as an analytical tool. Centre Day: International Centre for Life Course Studies in Society and Health. London April 21st 2009.

Hardy R. A life course approach to biological function and healthy ageing. Longview Conference. Cambridge. September 21st-22nd 2009.

Hardy R. Inter-cohort collaborations of life course studies: HALCyon Collaborative Research Programme.Public Population Project in Genomics (P3G) General Meeting. Challenges in Life-Course Projects: From Conception to Aging. Luxembourg, September 29-30th 2009.

Hardy R. Body size, physical function and mortality. Joining Forces on Mortality and Longevity Conference. Edinburgh, October 21st-22nd 2009.

Hardy R. Obesity research in the 1946 British Birth cohort: past, present and future. Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity Seminar Series, University of Oxford, November 18th 2009.

Kuh D and the HALCyon study team. Overview: UK Longitudinal Studies and Ageing Cohorts and the HALCyon model. CIHR MRC Workshop on Cohorts for Lifelong Health. London, March 11 2009.

Kuh D. Women’s health in a post war birth cohort study: evidence for lifetime social and gender differences.GENET Gender equality and wellbeing conference. 27 March 2009. Keynote speaker.

Kuh D. The link between development and musculoskeletal ageing: evidence from the MRC National Survey of Health and Development. Primary Care and Musculoskeletal Research Centre, University of keele. May 14 2009.

Kuh D. An overview of life course prevention for chronic disease. Institute of Medicine, U.S. National Academy of Science. 20 May 2009.

Kuh D. Life course epidemiology: concepts and examples from the British 1946 birth cohort study and other life course cohorts. European Congress of Epidemiology Euroepi2009 “Epidemiology for Clinical Medicine and Public Health” Warsaw 28 August 2009. Plenary lecture.

Kuh D. Individualised risk factors for mortality: a life course framework. Joining Forces in Mortality and Longevity, Edinburgh October 21 2009.

Mishra G. Recent developments in Life course epidemiology: across cohorts and across generations. Bradford Hill Seminar series. Institute of Public Health, The University of Cambridge, UK. 2009.

Mishra G. A whole-life perspective on ageing: insights from the 1946 British birth cohort. 8th European Congress on Menopause, London, 16th – 20th of May. 2009. Keynote speaker.

Mishra G. Recent developments in life course epidemiology: from intra – to inter – generations. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 6th of May. 2009.

Mishra G. Lifelong approach to women’s health and ageing. Institute of Women’s Health University College Hospital London, London 14th October. 2009.

Mishra G. The role of lifetime lifestyles on mortality and longevity. Joining Forces on Mortality and Longevity Conference. Edinburgh, 20th – 22nd of October. 2009.

Mishra G. Symposium on Family matters. 6th World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. Chile 19-22 of November. 2009.

Richards M. A life course approach to common mental disorder. Treatments in Psychiatry: a new update.World Psychiatric Association (WPA) International Congress. Florence, Italy, 1-4 April 2009.

Richards M. Adult influences on cognitive ageing and decline. Department of Psychiatry, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 10th September 2009.

Richards M. Adult life chances in relation to adolescent conduct and emotional problems. Department of Psychiatry, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 10th September 2009.

Richards M. Towards a life course approach to cognitive ageing and decline. Inaugural meeting of the Chinese Dementia Research Association, Hong Kong, 12th September 2009. Keynote speaker.

Richards M. Early influence, mental development, and mental ageing. Cognition, Health, & Aging: Integrating Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, Pennsylvania State University, USA, 29-31 October 2009.