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LHA Invited Presentations 2013

Cooper R.
A life course approach to physical capability: What have we found in HALCyon and where will we go from here?
Functioning well in later life: What is the evidence from longitudinal studies? Workshop, London, 15 January 2013.

Kuh D.
Life course framing of chronic disease opportunities: translating the life course perspective into reduced prevalence.
Columbia University, April 30 2013.

Richards M.
A life course approach to the eudaimonics of wellbeing.
Centre for Economic Performance, Wellbeing Seminars. 15th May 2013.

Kuh D.
Improving the well-being of ageing baby boomers.
Launch of the Academy of Social Sciences Publication"Making the Case for the Social Sciences – Longitudinal Studies", London, 11 June 2013.

Kuh D.
Childhood influences on lifelong health and ageing: evidence from the British 1946 birth cohort study.
The Long Shadow of Childhood Adversity: Evidence from Ireland and Policy Implications conference. Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, 27 June 2013.

Kuh D.
Collaborative studies on social & biological aspects of ageing: the HALCyon programme. MRC Open Meeting, London, 10th July 2013.

Kuh D.
A life course approach to health and ageing.
The Nutrition Society Annual Meeting, Newcastle, 15–18 July 2013.

Elliot J, Johnson W.
Data harmonisation and the value of cross-cohort analysis: an overview of the new CLOSER programme.
ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse studies in society and health, University College London, 18th June 2013.

Stafford M.
Social integration and health in later life.
Joint CCSR/ISR external seminar series at The University of Manchester, October 2013.

Stafford M, Zaninotto P.
Social exchanges and depression in later life. British Gerontological Society, Oxford Sept 11-13th 2013.