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Dr Mai Stafford

Dr Mai Stafford joined the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL in December 2010. She graduated in maths and moved into social epidemiology, obtaining a PhD on neighbourhood social capital and health from UCL in 2004.

Mai’s research programme centres on a life course approach to social and psychological wellbeing and is investigating:

  • how wellbeing relates to musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and mental ageing
  • whether childhood and adult contexts and experiences act together to influence wellbeing in later life


Mai currently teaches two graduate level courses on multilevel modelling ( and longitudinal data analysis (

Current students

Ula Tymozcyck “Social relationships and the development of obesity”
Natasha Wood “Comparative analysis of marital histories and physical function”

Prospective students are welcome to contact Mai and further details on possible PhD topics at LHA are available here.

Selected recent publications

Stafford M, Gardner M, Kumari M, Kuh D, Ben-Shlomo Y. Social isolation and diurnal cortisol patterns in an ageing cohort. Psychoneuroendocrinology 2013;38(11):2737-45.

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