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Communicating with our members

Many study members say they feel special to be a participant in a cohort study and are glad to help the research by providing information on their lives and taking part in assessments and tests.

As well as sharing findings from the NSHD via academic papers key findings have also been shared directly with study members, their parents and health visitors involved in the earlier years of the study.

To express the study’s gratitude for their work, booklets describing the findings to date were sent to health visitors in 1949 and in 1954.  In addition, when study members were aged 23 years, an article was published in the Health Visitor’s journal to express thanks for their help.

A letter of thanks was sent to mothers of study members in 1954/5 and they were also offered a copy of the booklet produced for health visitors.

Birthday cards have been sent to study members every year since 1962 (their 16th birthday). The 18th birthday card contained a description of the NSHD and was the first year a summary of findings was included. Later cards have included summaries of current work and publications during the previous 12 months as well as a form to confirm their address or notify us of a change of address.

Some study members tell us that we are the only people who have never forgotten their birthday! A selection of birthday cards can now be viewed online. We appear to be missing cards for a few years, so if you are a study member and have kept a collection or have any information on the gaps, please let us know.

A short booklet outlining key findings was sent to study members in 1990, and a foldout timeline noting key events in history and the NSHD was sent to members for their 60th birthday. An illustrated brochure on the NSHD was sent to study members for their 65th birthday.