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Test 2: General Ability - Verbal

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This test consists of some multiple choice questions and some free response questions.


Example 1

1, 4, 7, 10, 13 … What number comes next?

The answer is 16:

  • The difference between the first and the second numbers is 3.
  • The difference between the second and the third numbers is 3.
  • The difference between the third and the fourth numbers is 3.
  • The difference between the fourth and the fifth numbers is 3.
  • Therefore the sixth number will be the fifth number plus 3 i.e. 16.

Example 2

Fish is to swim as bird is to … man, fly, wall, aeroplane, sparrow.

The answer is fly.

A fish swims therefore a bird flies; both refer to the main way in which the animal moves

Example 3

Couch mean the same as … chair, table, lying, piano, sofa.

The answer is sofa.

Here we want two words that mean that same thing or are used to describe the same thing.

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Where you have a list of options please click on your chosen answer, a blue ball will appear in the circle on the left to indicate your selection.

Where you have to calculate something, please type in the number or the word of your answer. For example if the question asked please calculate 2 + 2 you would type either 4 or four in the answer box.

Please do NOT use a calculator!

When you are happy with your answer click ‘next’ to move to the next questions; when you reach question 12 click the ‘final’ button.

You have 5 minutes to complete 12 questions

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