MyoFit46 Update

MyoFit46 is the cardiac sub-study of the NSHD funded by the British Heart Foundation and led by Dr Gaby Captur. It is an in-depth imaging study of the ageing human heart which is based on the use of cardiac MRI (CMR).

In MyoFit46 we combine the uniquely rich life course information from all your previous NSHD data collections with advanced methods of imaging heart health, to better understand life predictors of heart health. We feed all this information to supercomputers to build complex digital models of the beating whole-heart. Your personalised heart-Avatar will give us a holistic understanding of your heart’s health status and will help us predict your future risk of developing abnormal heart rhythms, and heart failure, amongst other things.

With advancing age, insulin signaling molecules decline, resulting in abnormal electrical activity of the heart posing a risk for dangerous heart rhythms.
Children with slow resting heart rates are more likely to develop slow heart rhythms in later life that may even require a pacemaker.
ApoE risk gene (known to be linked to dementia), has been shown to provide improved cardiac performance.
Frail people, at any stage of life, are more likely to have thicker, less efficient hearts in older age.