Wearables Q&A

Can I keep the watch?

Yes, we’re very pleased to say that you will be able to keep the watch.

When are we due to receive the watch?

We plan to start this part of the study later this year.

Will the watch know if I have fallen over?

No, falls cannot currently be detected. This is due to the large amount of data that is collected by the watch, that then requires processing. However, this functionality is something that we are very keen to investigate, and with your participation, our aim is to work towards achieving this.

Can it be worn as a pendant?

No, the watch has been designed to be worn on the wrist only.

Do I have to wear the watch all the time?

We would like you to wear the watch continuously, if possible. However, we recognise that there may be some occasions when you cannot, or do not want to, wear the watch and this would not prevent you participating in the study. Wearing the watch during the day and night enables the collection of very valuable information relating to your daytime activities (step count, activity level and heart rate) as well as sleep patterns (duration of sleep, skin temperature, oxygen levels and breathing rate) as accurately as possible. This also enables us to look at daily and weekly trends.

I bike a lot more than walk. Would this gadget record that too?

Yes! It will use the GPS to track the ride.

Will it measure blood pressure?

No, the watch does not measure blood pressure.

Would this involve smart technology?

Yes, this watch connects to a smartphone.

Will I need to have a smartphone?

Yes, it will require a compatible smartphone running an operating system of Apple iOS 12.2 or higher, or Android OS 7.0 or higher. Most mobile phones in the UK are smartphones and would meet this specification. If you do not have access to a smartphone and wish to participate we will be able to provide a basic phone that meets the requirements.

Is the watch related to 5G?

The watch does not use 5G. It will not connect to 5GHz, 802.11ac, WPA enterprise, or public Wi-Fi networks that require logins, subscriptions, or profiles.

Is the watch waterproof?

The watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Will data sending use up our phone allowance?

There are two steps to the data synchronisation process:

  1. The watch and the phone communicate via Bluetooth to synchronize the data between the two. This process does not require an internet connection and does not use your phone data allowance.
  2. The data is then uploaded to the central server via the phone’s internet connection. This generally uses WiFi but can use the phone data allowance. If you choose, we can restrict the upload to only upload data when the phone is connected to WiFi. If you do wish to use the phone allowance (e.g. if you are in a location where there is no WiFi connection) then the phone data allowance usage for upload is very small.

Is there a way of letting you know conditions drugs etc?

We are developing a custom phone application (app) that will allow you to record relevant health conditions, medications or other factors that may influence your readings. The app will also help you to perform some health tests at home and provide some feedback on your results.