The History of the NSHD

The History of NSHD and the Archive

Mike Wadsworth (previous director and staff member from 1968) provides an insight into the history of the NSHD. We also provide information about an archive project, which is still ongoing.

We recieved a number of questions about the NSHD archive and we have answered the main questions.

NSHD Archive

The NSHD Archive is held by UCL Special Collections and this will be the administrative archive of the study. It will include blank questionnaires, grant proposals and progress reports. It will provide insight into the thinking behind the different data collections and why specific questions have been asked.

Will some of the materials be available online?

The NSHD will work with the UCL Special Collections to make some of the archive documents avaliable online. We have placed a few documents online for you to start looking at, and as we discover more during the project. we will place them on.

When will I be able to browse the catalogue?

The NSHD archive catalogue will go live at the end of May, at which point you will be able to browse it through the UCL Archives catalogue:

How can we look at the archives if we do not live in London

The catalogue for the NSHD archive will be online and fully searchable. Once you have found something you would like to access, please contact the UCL Institute of Education Archive and they will discuss the options.  It may be possible to scan the material, depending on the extent and the content of the material. There may be a charge for this.

NSHD Data Archive

The NSHD will continue to store and be the custodian of the questionnaire data.

Will I be able to access my early records on-line?

The security of your data is really important to us, with all of the questions being sorted securely. This means we are sadly unable to offer an online option for viewing the questionnaires. They can offer to view the documents from our office. However, due to COVID, we are sadly not allowed to have visitors to the office.

If you have specific questions, we are happy to look at the questionnaire to see if we can answer them. We can also check if there is anything written in the questionnaires that may be of interest to you.  If you would like us to do this, please email (  or phone 0207 670 5705 and the study team will get back to you.

How secure is my information?

Very! We take security very seriously. All our files are kept off-site in secure holdings, and all our electronic files are securely held behind several layers of security programs, according to strict MRC and UCL security policy.