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Data - NSHD Data Archive


The MRC National Survey of Health and development (NSHD) has a data archive with over 20,000 variables collected over the lifetime of the study.  The archive preserves data and meta-data (descriptions of the data) in electronic, paper, fiche, and, increasingly, image form, and includes biological samples.

Within available resources and constraints, the study team have converted the ‘in house’ paper-based documentation into two websites: the meta-data repository and SWIFT-NSHD (The Secure Web Interface for the NSHD).

The meta-data repository holds electronic versions of all the NSHD questionnaires and topic level guides to the information collected. The repository is accessible to bone fide researchers who may wish to use the NSHD for research purposes. Potential and existing users can use the repository to explore the NSHD meta-data (descriptions of the data) to enable them to formulate proposals for using variables from the NSHD.

SWIFT-NSHD is a variable retrieval tool which allows registered users to create their own bespoke NSHD data sets.

Researchers wishing to access the meta-data repository should contact for further information.

Researchers who already have login details for the repository can enter the site here

NSHD data-sharing policies and processes

Citing NSHD data using DOIs

The NSHD now has a set of persistent identifiers (DataCite DOIs, or just DOIs) that allow the tracking of research datasets as well as publications.  It is important that all authors cite these DOIs in publications based on NSHD data.