Wearables and remote testing

Information regarding the wearables and remote testing elements

Study members who take part in current data collections ( Clinic visits or home visits) will be asked to wear a smart watch (Garmin Venu 2s) on their wrist to measure their heart rate, physical activity and sleep patterns. We will ask them wear the watch for up to 18 months. This will be used to assess long-term trends in cardiovascular health, exercise capacity and sleep quality using data seamlessly recorded during free-living activity.


Additionally, we will ask them to perform physical tests (walk and chair rising tests) as well as to complete a short questionnaire, once a month. Mobile phone Apps will be used to retrieve data and to send reminders about tasks, log physical tests and complete questionnaires. These are easy to install and use, and we will provide documentation on how to use the smart watch and App and we will assist in case they have any questions. A freepost envelope will be provided for return of monitors if needed.

Radar Base app

Garmin Connect app

Click the link below to view a page of written instructions for the remote tests

Helpful videos for each wearables element

Six minute walk test

Chair rises test

How to get a health snapshot

How to log an activity

How to set favourite activities

How to navigate the Garmin menu

How to change your watch face

How to set up your Garmin watch

How to use the Radar app